toast point of sale training

Crooked Ewe uses Toast Point of Sale system. This system utilizes handheld devices that can be used throughout the brewery/restaurant. Being proficient with the device ensures superior service; and being able to fire food and drinks while still at the table saves steps and keeps ticket times low during high volume periods.

The following is an Training Agenda provided by Toast and the material will be covered in a video form…

  1. Basic Navigation
    1. Clocking In & Out
    2. Terminal Screens
      1. Table Service Mode
      2. Quick Order Mode
  2. Taking Orders
    1. Terminal Screens
    2. Order Screen & Placing an Order
    3. POS Buttons:
      1. Menus/Items/Modifiers
      2. Difference between Stay/Hold/Send
      3. Tab, Cancel, Guest Count, Void, +item, Seat Number, Coursing, Quantities, Repeat
      4. Discount
      5. Splitting Checks
    4. Changing Dining Option – Dine In/Takeout/Delivery
    5. Overflow Menu: Changing Servers, Changing Tables, Reprinting Receipts
    6. Previous Checks/Find Checks
  3. Taking Payments
    1. Opening a Tab
    2. Different Payment Options: Cash, Credit Card, Gift Cards, Other
    3. Splitting Payments
    4. Credit Card Pre-Authorization
    5. Offline Mode
    6. Verifying WiFi Connection
  4. Shift Review
    1. Shift Review Overview
    2. Declaring Tips
    3. Cash Drawers
Click on the button below to watch the video. The video is 45 minutes long so if you need to use the restroom, please do so now!